The Smuggler is our mid travel 29er trail bike that defies categorization. It is our go-to bike for not only epic long distance rides but also rowdy local trails and our favorite jump lines. With 120mm rear travel and 140mm front, it can adapt in any direction to whatever the days ride throws at you. Super lightweight and playful, the Smuggler is one of our best pedaling bikes we make that also loves to monster truck through the rough stuff. When it comes time to get the wheels off the ground, it begs to get thrown around and launch off lips with little effort. For anyone that needs incredible versatility from their bike and loves to pedal, the Smuggler is designed to never disappoint.


SBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, front wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while actually increasing confidence in steep terrain and at high speeds. With SBG, a slacker head tube angle is combined with a all new reduced offset fork standard, preventing the front wheel from being too far in front of the rider. This improves front to rear weight distribution on the bike, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes. One of SBG's greatest benefits is that it creates a confident steering feel that adapts to wheel speed. More stability when going fast, more agility on technical slow speed manuevering as well as improved traction, control and confidence for any skill level of rider.



Available in: Carbon

Wheel size: 29"

Rear travel: 120mm (Giddyup 2.0HH SUSPENSION)

Front travel: 140mm

SBG Gemertory

Full Water Bottle Storage

Not an E-Bike


Smuggler Carbon Fox DPS Performance Elite

Smuggler Carbon NX
RockShox Super Delux | SRAM NX Eagle
RockShox Revelation RC 140mm

Smuggler Carbon GX
Fox DPS Performance Elite | SRAM GX Eagle
Fox 36 Float Grip Performance 140mm

Smuggler Carbon X01
Fox DPS Performance Elite | SRAM X01 Eagle
Fox 36 Float Grip 2 Performance Elite