ROCKSHOX TwistLoc Full Sprint 00.4318.023.000

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ROCKSHOX TwistLoc Full Sprint 00.4318.023.000

With 125mm Grips & Cables. 

It’s tough to find space for a remote that looks good and lets the rider maintain full control. Enter TwistLoc™. Twist to lock, push the button to unlock – on forks, rear shocksm, or both in tandem. With a consistent grip size and light-touch action, TwistLoc maximizes efficiency while keeping your hand safely on the bar.

  • Easy action - Twist to lock, push button to release
  • Curved “CRVD” and straight “STRT” cable options (see photos for reference)
  • Encouraged for XC, Trail, and Enduro usage
  • Fixed grips included

APPLICATION (RM) Fork and Rear shock
CABLE PULL: 2 Position (10mm)
ACTUATION: Twist to lock, Button to release
POSITIONS: 2 Position

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