HOPE TECH Hub Torque Caps (for RockShox / SRAM forks)

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HOPE Conversion Kit VR Hub Pro 2 Evo / Pro 4 RockShox Torque Caps | 15x100mm or 15x110mm

Hope Oversize end caps to convert your Hope front hub to the SRAM Torque standard. It does not matter if you own a 15x100 mm or 15x110 mm Hope hub, the conversion kit is suitable for both hub versions.
 The new Rock Shox suspension forks have set this standard to mount hubs on the fork dropouts. In order to improve the rigidity and the steering precision of the overall system, the axle caps were enlarged to 31 mm diameter.

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum
Initial version: Thru-axis 15 x 100 mm or 15 x 110 mm
End version: Thru-axis 15 x 100 mm or 15 x 110 mm SRAM Torque Caps
Compatibility: Pro 2 EVO and Pro 4
Compatibility Fork: RockShox forks with SRAM Torque System (31 mm)
Part number: HUB485

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