Galfer Pro G1554T Disc Brake Pads - FD455 for SRAM CODE

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Galfer Pro G1554T Disc Brake Pads - FD455 | SRAM CODE

All Galfer brake pads feature a semi-metallic compound with organic components and offer a wide range of properties that promise consistent braking performance over the long term.

  • absence of noise
  • better response, progressiveness and braking power
  • minimization of vibration to the wheel
  • less wear on the brake discs
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • increased durability


Specifications of the Galfer Pro G1554T brake pads

The green Pro brake pads are Galfer's high-end models. They are at home on the race track and continue where other pads have given up already. Maximum braking power and fading resistance ensure precise braking manoeuvres in all conditions.

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