Enduro Bearing 23327 - LLB - 32x7x23mm

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ENDURO BEARING 23327 - LLB - 32x7x23mm

LLB = Hub bearings 

LLU = Suspension bearings

Grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls

Enduro ABEC-3 bearings start with high-precision Grade 10 Balls are ground within 10/1,000,000″ round, which is twice as round as the industry standard, at it’s highest level. 

52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races:

Enduro Bearings uses highest quality 52100 High Carbon Chromium Steel Alloy race material from Japan. There are many suppliers of 52100 material, but they do not all necessarily provide the same quality material. The material for Enduro steel races starts with and extremely-pure, vacuum de-gassed chromium steel alloy that is then hardened to Rockwell HRC 64 by multiple rounds of heat and cryogenic treatment. The material is then cut to size and the races are machined, ground and polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement.

Enduro ABEC-3 bearings also feature riveted steel bearing retainers for toughness, and are noise tested to meet or exceed ABEC-3 tolerances

Enduro ABEC-3 bearings are available in C-3 or C-N internal clearance tolerance specifications.

Enduro ABEC-3 bearing anatomy

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