DVO Topaz 2022 Air Rear Shock

Size: 230 × 65mm
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The Topaz 2 is the latest iteration of the Topaz Air series. This shock has been optimised to suit the needs of modern suspension kinematics working off a lower leverage ratio. The HV (high volume) negative reduces the breakaway force to counteract a lower starting leverage force from the linkage design. The housing is designed around a transverse reservoir layout to aid in oil flow and achieve more frame clearance.

The Topaz 2 is available in metric trunnion sizes with T3 compression, dynamic rebound, positive/negative volume adjust, and adjustable bladder pressure.


  • Optimised for Trunnion Mount
  • Transverse Reservoir for Improved Clearance
  • HV-High Volume Negative
  • Adjustable Negative and Positive Volume via Spacers
  • Adjustable Bladder Pressure


Metric Sizes:

230 × 65mm

230 x 62.5mm

230 × 60mm

230 × 57.5mm

210 × 55mm

210 × 52.5mm

210 × 50mm

165 x 45mm

165 x 42.5mm

165 x 40mm

Trunnion Sizes:

205 × 65mm

205 × 62.5mm

205 × 60mm

205 × 57.5mm

185 × 55mm

185 × 52.5mm

185 × 50mm

Please note,

1, This shock is in stock and built fresh for you at the distributor! It will take a few extra days to get in the courier.  

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