DVO Jade X Coil Rear Shock

Size: 216 x 63mm (8.5 × 2.5')
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The ride possibilities and experiences are endless- the new X series will provide the means to explore them. Our most versatile platform yet features an all new T3 compression adjustment, a new rebound design, and a modern design aesthetic.

The real concept behind the Jade X was to offer a coil that still retained some of the best attributes of an air shock- pedaling efficiency and “on the fly” quick adjustments.

Since there were less external adjustments, we really had to nail the compression and rebound tune. For this we created a brand new high flow piston to allow for more shims to control precise points of the stroke. The rebound and compression damping get strong where you need it and back off in situations where the wheel needs to move quick. The high/low speed compression and rebound now work dynamically to provide great support, control, and zero packing on high speed chatter. The end result is the most versatile coil shock option on the market. Achieve amazing pedaling efficiency with trophy truck DH performance at the flip of a switch.

  • T3 Compression Adjust
  • Low Speed Rebound
  • Bladder Pressure Adjust
  • New Rebound Design Eliminates Packing
  • New and Improved Piston Design
  • Shim Stack Controlled Compression and Rebound



T3 Compression | Rebound | Bladder Pressure Adjust

#Springs sold separately.

Standard Sizes:

216 x 63mm (8.5 × 2.5’)

200 x 57mm (7.875 × 2.25’)

Metric Sizes:

230 × 65mm

230 x 62.5mm

230 × 60mm

230 × 57.5mm

210 × 55mm

210 × 52.5mm

210 × 50mm

Trunnion Sizes:

205 × 65mm

205 × 62.5mm

205 × 60mm

205 × 57.5mm

185 × 55mm

185 × 52.5mm

185 × 50mm

Please note,

1, This shock is in stock and built fresh for you at the distributor! It will take a few extra days to get in the courier.  

2, If you need a coil you can find them here.

Progressive 50-55mm

Progressive 57-65mm

 SL Spring

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