DT SWISS Ball Bearing 6902 LLB 15 x 8 x 7mm (HSBXXX00N2336S)

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DT Swiss hubs are designed to function optimally once installed in a bicycle. To achieve this, the clamping force created by the wheel mounting system must be taken into account when constructing a hub. Learn how to ensure the optimal rotating property of the ball bearings and discover why DT Swiss does not offer hubs with adjustable bearing clearance.


In order for a bearing to rotate, there must be a certain amount of play in the thousandth of a millimeter range. Without this clearance, the bearing cannot rotate. Bearing play occurs both radially and axially. Axial clearance describes how far one bearing ring can be displaced longitudinally relative to the other without load. Radial clearance is measured vertically to the center axis of the bearing.

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