Cane Creek Double Barrel Air Climb Switch 200x57mm - 7.875 X 2.25"

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Cane Creek first broke new ground with the Double Barrel Coil Shock which was a huge success, inspiring confidence with the next level of adjustability and control. Next, Cane Creek devised the DBAir rear shock to accommodate those frames that cannot accept coil shocks and require air rear shocks. Now, Cane Creek's next evolutionary step in rear suspension is here: the Double Barrel Air CS. By adding a Climbing Switch (CS) to the legendary DBAir rear shock, Cane Creek was able to breathe new life into an already well-revered rear shock.

The Climb Switch is a climbing feature made to enhance both pedaling efficiency and rear-end traction by simultaneously adjusting both low-speed compression and low-speed rebound, resulting in one of the most innovative climbing features available. Where other rear shocks with climbing features only adjust the compression, the Cane Creek DBAir CS rear shock also adjusts the rebound damping which results in better traction while minimizing pedal-bob. The Climb Switch being a literal switch makes it easy to flip on or off; making that long treacherous climb more manageable with the flick of a switch!

  • Climb Switch: Alters the entire low-frequency dynamic response of the shock to specifically address the demands of ascending on a bicycle.

  • Twin-Tube Technology: Circulates oil continuously through the valving to achieve highly controllable, independent damping for both compression and rebound strokes.

  • 4-Way Independent Adjustment: Low and high-speed compression and low and high-speed rebound.

  • Built by Hand in Fletcher, NC: Every Double Barrel shock is hand-built in the Cane Creek factory and dyno checked to ensure the highest level of performance and quality control.

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