James (Jimmy)


Jimmy likes to ride

His bicycle and drink beer. He considers his greatest achievement is introducing EAD into common vocabulary. However in the commercial world, Jimmy is considered a pretty alright bike mechanic. When you come into the shop you will see why everyone wants a piece of Jimmy.

He was given his first geared mountain bike when he was less than ten. By the time he was 13 he had saved for his first “real MTB” with suspension forks by cleaning second hand fridges and never looked back. 

In 2008, he met Hope & Harry at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park whilst he and some other AKL legends were building the infamous X-Aisle huck trail. Around this time he had landed himself a job with one of NZ’s biggest distributors in the cycling industry, Worrall’s, putting his fingers in as may pies as he possibly could. 

That’s where he came across Robert Eva. Jimmy talked Rob (Dad) into letting him set up the SRAM Technical University in Melbourne Australia. Four years, 350+ STUdents and enough days under a SRAM race support tent to fill a lifetime, Jimmy missed NZ enough to come back. So he buddied up with Hope & Harry and Lewis & Co was born. 



Mark (Harry)


Harry has loved bikes

Since a very early age growing up riding BMX bikes in Tauranga and could be found riding with his mates all over the city at local dirt jumps, at the BMX track or skate ramps.  He loved pulling down and rebuilding his BMX’s and used to scavenge for parts in the bins behind his local cycle and mower shop regularly to see if there were any upgrades they could do or parts they could use to do up bikes to sell.  

There was always a desire to one day owning his own shop and the love for bikes at an early age paved the way for this to eventually happen with the creation of Lewis & Co in April 2017 with his good friends Jimmy and Hope.  After starting a career in sales Harry became involved in the mountain bike industry 2002 where he brought into the operating business of the Woodhill Mountain Bike Park.  17 years on he is still involved as the managing director and shares his time between Lewis & Co, Woodhill and other business interests.  

Woodhill is where Jimmy, Hope and Harry struck up a great friendship through the passion for riding (mostly jumping) their mountain bikes.  “We spent hours doing laps of jumps in the trails and then hours in the Worrall’s workshop fixing and upgrading our bikes over the years”.  This passion led to trips overseas riding and many conversions about the creation of the ultimate bike shop in Auckland.   Harry is married to Rebecca and they have two little ones, Addy and Luke who love riding their bikes and visiting the shop………Harry is now back!


Hope (Hopie)


Like most kids...

Growing up in the 80's Hope was fascinated with bikes, Transformers, Guns N' Roses and a wee movie some may remember called The Goonies.  

You would find Hope hooning around in the quite suburban streets on her HMX 500 with the local neighbour hood bike gang jumping off shitty ramps that they slapped together with whatever materials could be found/pilfered from sheds and anything else that was left over from building epic tree huts.

Fast forward a bunch of years, Hope had done a handful of different roles within the Bike industry. From the humble beginnings of checking passes, picking up injured riders, scrubbing portaloos and fixing the rental fleet at Woodhill Bike Park (where she met Harry & Jimmy).

After this Hope became a jack of all trades for Sportspro, then landed in the workshop at Worralls to become a suspension technician and running the Cane Creek Suspension programme. This gave her the super rad opportunity to wrench in the SRAM Pits for local and international events.

These days, Hope can be found taking turns with her partner Becs towing their daughter Frankie James around the 09 in a bike trailer or a hiking pack and playing fishbowl with Jimmy & Jenna here at Lewis & Co.